Consumption Report: A Week of Weed With Rachel Wolfson


Consumption Report: A Week of Weed With Rachel Wolfson

The meme lord tracked her cannabis consumption experiences for a week. From VIP penthouse parties to dinner with her parents, Wolfie lived the high life.

By Rachel “Wolfie” Wolfson

December 5, 2018, 10:24am


In this first installation of VICE Canada and MERRY JANE’s “Consumption Report” via Sticky , we spend a weed week-in-the-life of a notable cannabis personality. This diary of dank nug will track each subject’s entire cannabis consumption experiences over the course of a full work week.

Originally from Las Vegas, Rachel “Wolfie” Wolfson moved to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry and to smoke weed legally. She is a comedian, writer and producer. When she’s not performing on stages all over the world, you can find her smoking weed on the YouTube channel The Budd.ADVERTISEMENT


9:30 AM
Woke up at to get to the gym at 10, and I took a hit of stickevape to get my day going and because it helps me focus when I workout. When I smoke joints or blunts before I workout, my sweat smells like a dispensary.

11:27 AM
About to walk to go get some coffee at this coffee shop near my place called Solar De Cahuenga. I like getting coffee here because sometimes I’ll write and smoke joints outside on the patio and they never give me a problem. I order a iced vanilla latte with half almond and half coconut milk, but first a post-workout blunt. I am loving these Hollywoods that contain 1.2 grams of Hollywood OG flower and 0.3 Cake Badder wax—although they’re non-compliant, the pre-rolled blunts are filled with flower and wax and have the perfect amount of tobacco.

2:40 PM
I smoke another blunt while I go on live on Instagram in my apartment and stream with my followers. I’ll update them on my weekly schedule, what shows I have coming up, and promote The Budd YouTube channel. I like to show myself consuming weed every time I go live on Instagram because I think it helps normalize the plant to my audience. And I have to go on my friend and comedian Sam Tripolis’ Tin Foil Hat podcast to talk conspiracy theories, so of course I want to get high before.

5:45 PM
The podcast was really fun. It was cool to get high and talk conspiracy theories with a comedian I really look up to. I think smoking the blunt helped me open my mind and be more involved in the conversation. A little while after, I smoked a blunt with my girl Sam Grody in the parking lot before we went to The Comedy Store for “potluck,” which is where comedians line up for the weekly open mic to try their best material in hopes of being seen by the booker. I didn’t get up, but my girl Sam did a set during “Kill Tony,” which is where comedians place their name in a bucket to be chosen by comedian Tony Hinchcliffe, who then invites you to try your best one-minute bit on stage. Sam was amazing. I have to think the blunt we smoked before her set had something to do with that.

8:00 PM
Smoked a joint outside the Laugh Factory, about a two-minute drive from The Comedy Store, with a couple of comics after the show. I always love smoking weed with comics because everyone laughs and cracks jokes. I came to support Vanessa Johnston, Audrey Stewart, Mona Mira, and Darius Culpepper who were on the lineup. They all crushed. Overall it was a dope day, I got to support my friends (especially those on the rise), and I felt good going to sleep that night.


10:20 AM
Wake ‘n bake. I rolled up a joint of Limoncello 10 to get my day started. It’s a hybrid strain, so hopefully it won’t make me sleepy. I made two memes and wrote some jokes to try out at mics later.ADVERTISEMENT

2:00 PM
I guested on my friend Ari Mannis’ unlicensed therapy podcast that he records out of his garage. We smoked a joint during the episode. It’s not a weed podcast, but I asked him if we could smoke on this episode and he was down. The podcast focuses on a problem each guest has and Ari (not a therapist) offers advice.

7:16 PM
Layne and Jonathan, my friends who run @toptree, picked me up and they brought Hollywoods. I smoked before the car ride, then I hopped in their whip and we started driving towards Vegas to attend MJ Biz Con, where cannabis professionals from all over the world gather to network and smoke weed. Layne and Jonathan are brothers who run large cannabis Instagram accounts and do sales and advertising in the industry. I’ve known them since I started my Instagram account, and we’ve become good friends since working together.

7:46 PM
Smoked a joint of Purple Punch flower from Jungle Boys in the car. I’m riding in the back seat and there isn’t that much traffic, so we should hit Vegas in a few hours—just in time for blunts and a late night snack because I’ve had the munchies this entire car ride.

10:00 PM
Smoked a blunt as we stopped in Barstow to get gas and pick up snacks (again, I have the munchies). We’re about halfway to Vegas at this point. I got beef jerky, trail mix, and some Swisher blunt wraps.Sticky

Cross-Border Dispatches on the State of Cannabis Legalization



12:00 AM
Smoked our first blunt in Vegas—another we brought, filled with Hollywood OG and Cake Badder. This one is in a Honey Berry wrap (my favorite). We just got up to our room in the Palms Place Casino, and the view is amazing. We ended up getting food at a diner called The Lucky Penny in the Palms Casino. I ordered a cheeseburger and a beer—solid first meal in Vegas.ADVERTISEMENT

2:39 AM
Smoked a bedtime blunt in the hotel we’re staying at. It overlooks the Strip, and I’m feeling pretty high right now. I just figured out how to connect the Netflix so I can fall asleep to Sabrina and the omnipresent neon lights just outside my window.

10:00 AM
I did a wake and bake with a blunt, and now I’m waiting for my college best friend Angie to arrive. I invited her to meet me in Las Vegas, and we haven’t seen each other in five years, since we both graduated and moved out of Florida. We originally met through my college weed dealer, Jimmy, who was her boyfriend at the time, and we became basically inseparable. Her cousin Alex works in sales for a grow called Matrix, and we are about to go link up with her.

12:00 PM
Angie and I met up with Alex, and we smoked a blunt rolled with a Honey Berry Backwoods wrap, as well as two joints filled with Sour Diesel flower from Matrix which tasted delicious, just like Sour D should taste. We stopped to get a green juice from a place called Greens and Proteins, and there we saw a bunch of people from the cannabis industry (who were all wearing weed leaf shirts) and cops all dining together over kale smoothies. It was a beautiful site. After lunch, we smoked another joint and wandered into Retro Vegas—a vintage store near downtown. They had a very impressive assortment of old casino ashtrays. I settled for one from the 4 Queens Casino because it reminds me of my grandpa.

4:20 PM
I smoked another joint of Sour Diesel before heading to the Altitude Products investor event hosted by Krista Whitley, the founder. I met Krista years ago on social media and immediately became a fan of hers. She is killing it in the cannabis industry in Las Vegas as a cannabis entrepreneur. I ended up walking home with bag loads of CBD products that I can’t wait to try.ADVERTISEMENT

7:00 PM
I met up with my weed family Olivia (@thelivalexander @kushqueenco @kushqueenshop), Michael, and Morgan (@thiscannabislife) to smoke a blunt before going to dinner at Carbone.

8:30 PM
Took a hit of my stickevape while waiting for food to come in the booth. I thought someone might notice the smoke, but they didn’t. I ordered the Veal Parmesan and the Spicy Rigatoni and they were both excellent.

9:00 PM
Headed up to the Palms penthouse room to attend the Edibles List Magazine VIP party. The private security let us in immediately because I gave him a handful of nugs earlier to make sure he’d hook it up later. Then we immediately walked to the balcony where there was a jacuzzi overlooking the Las Vegas strip, and ~30 people smoking weed. It was the most amazing balcony filled with weed smokers I’ve ever seen. I smoked a few blunts with @blunts and @theflowerdaddy before heading back in to find a drink.

2:00 AM (technically Thursday…)
Blunts back in the @toptree penthouse at the Palms Place with Angie, Alex, and a few other people. We ended up hanging in a hot tub overlooking Las Vegas. It was a great day first day in Vegas. I got to connect with and support people I love in the industry, I got high, and walked home with a bunch of goodies to give to people.


10:30 AM
Smoked a blunt in the Palms penthouse with the @toptree brothers and Ang while sipping morning coffee and going over our plans for the day. We decided to start by walking the floor of MJ Biz Con where there would be many vendors and industry peers to meet.ADVERTISEMENT

12:05 PM
Smoked a blunt before walking in to MJ Biz Con. I’m excited to see how the conference has grown from last year. I look forward to connecting with vendors and people in the community from all over the country.

2:00 PM
While walking the floor of MJ Biz Con, I connected with Hemper, a premium weekly cannabis subscription box, and Vangst, a company that helps people find jobs in the cannabis industry. After, Layne and I decided to head outside and smoke blunts, where we ran into Adam ILL (@gethigheverwhere) and Dr. Dina (@drdina420).

7:00 PM
Smoked a blunt with @toptree and Angie before dinner at Koi, where they served us the most delicious lychee martinis I’ve had in my entire life. I really think you can cross alcohol, cannabis, and food if done the correct way. We ordered a bunch of sushi and hand rolls to share.

9:00 PM
I arrive at the High Times party, which is at the Brooklyn Bowl in downtown Las Vegas. Security was super strict, but we showed up, cut the line, and snuck weed in—because hello, it’s a weed party! Then, we walked upstairs and immediately stepped onto the patio where @toptree, Ang, and I ran into my girl @Queencynnn and @minitrumpjr and smoked a blunt with them before 2Chainz performed. I met Cyn via Instagram, and now we always run into each other at industry events.

10:00 PM
Me, Elise McRoberts (@elisemcroberts)—a cannabis advocate and consultant—and Angie sneak a blunt while 2Chainz is on stage, but we have to put it out mid-sesh because security is not with it (whoops). I also ran into two of my favorite cannabis icons Danny Danko and (again) Dr. Dina. I really admire both of them and consider them to be both mentors of mine. It’s so cool to be able to hang with them and smoke.

11:00 PM
Smoked a blunt outside the Cannabition Museum, which is an immersive cannabis experience. I really loved the museum. It was colorful, immersive, and educational. The only drawback was that you aren’t able to consume inside. This is a problem with Las Vegas, in general. It would be really cool to see the laws change in the future, allowing cannabis consumption in safe places like this.


10:00 AM
Smoked a joint before heading back into MJ Biz Con for a meeting with Ed Bernstein, a renowned Las Vegas lawyer and owner of the Las Vegas Releaf dispensary. He wants to meet with me and his investors to chat about working together in the future. It’s crazy to me that this convention is three days long, but I also understand the necessity of it. Any longer would be insanity, though.ADVERTISEMENT

2:00 PM
Smoked blunts outside of MJ BIz, where I ran into comedian Ngaio Bealum, who was recently on Netflix’s Cooking on High. We chatted for a bit about comedy and cannabis. I’ve always admired him and looked up to him. Plus, I think he’s hilarious.

6:00 PM
Smoked a blunt before dinner with my family, who live in Las Vegas (702 till I die!). I met them at Flemming’s, where I ordered a steak. I was very high, but cannabis is no longer an issue at dinner conversations. Now, my parents and I discuss accomplishments in my career and I don’t have to be afraid about hiding my consumption. In fact, I recently hit a vape pen in front of my parents at breakfast a few months ago.

11:00 PM
I was able to get some stage time in by contacting the booker at the LA Comedy Club in the Stratosphere Hotel. I smoked a blunt with Angie and Alex before I got up on stage. Angie has never seen me do standup before, and when we used to live in Florida together we would always go down to the Palm Beach Improv. I felt getting high before the show was the appropriate move. I was nervous to perform in front of my best friend, but I knew she would be the best support system.

Honestly it was one of the best weeks I’ve had in weed in a really long time. I got to hang with my best friends, family, and connect with all sorts of people within the cannabis industry. It’s really cool to see how far the cannabis community has come, and to be able to support it in my hometown is such a treat.

I will try to come back to MJ BizCon every year just to show love and make new memories. I loved seeing people from all aspects of my life come together because of weed. If someone told me 10 year ago that this would be my life now, I’d be like… “Yeah, I believe that shit, weed is going to get us there.”

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Editor’s note: This post was updated to clarify that the author was not driving.

How to Know What You’re Looking for at a Dispensary

High Times

How to Know What You’re Looking for at a Dispensary

Rick Obst/ Flickr236Shares

Legal weed is here to stay! In recreational states, anyone with a 21+ government ID or passport can purchase cannabis. But how do you know what you should buy? What products are best for you? After all, this was supposed to help your anxiety, not make it worse!

The first time at a dispensary can be intimidating. It’s possible you might be a little nervous: heart racing, head sparkling with sweat. You’re trying to convince yourself that your job and parents aren’t going to find out. Let’s just address this issue right away: everything is confidential at the dispensary, and you are in a safe place.

What Level Consumer Are You?

There are loads of different levels. The first-time consumer, the intermediate, the Tommy Chong, and everything in between. Each consumer comes in with a different need, but budtenders these days are skilled and knowledgeable. For the most part, take their advice.

Oftentimes, people head into a shop because they have a specific ailment that they want relief from. “I truly feel all use is medicinal use,” says Dr. Dina, owner of West Hollywood’s oldest dispensary AHHS.

For the most part, it’s all about identifying your individual needs and preferred method of consumption. If you’re a beginner, remember to ask the budtender about dosage so you don’t overdo it.

How Do You Want to Feel?

There are loads of different feelings that the products in any dispensary can help you towards. Find a shop with knowledgeable budtenders, and tell them exactly what you’re feeling and looking for so they can guide you towards the right products and brands.

Though the differences between indica and sativa are really not as rigid as they’re made out to be, you can generally expect a certain feel from each. For help with sleep, relaxation, and anxiety relief, you might be more interested in indica or indica-dominant strains. For daytime and creativity, you might lean more towards sativas and hybrids.

Popular brand Canndescent, for instance, has made the process of choosing flowers even easier by basing their products off curated experiences. Their motto is simply “How do you want to feel?” and their selection reflects that with options like “Calm”, “Connect”, “Create”, and more. It’s less about getting high and more about the experience you would like to have.

“Sometimes customers surprise you. Just because they look or dress a certain way is not indicative of their cannabis habits,” says Adrienne Airhart, manager of The Higher Path Dispensary.

How Do You Want to Consume?

Smoking isn’t the only way to consume cannabis. It’s 2018; the stuff is legal in a lot of places now. Technology and legal access have improved the pot industry in a ton of ways, and now there are countless ways to get high. Whether it’s chapstick, soda, chocolate, drops of oil, it’s about finding the right method of consumption that each person is happy with.

Vaping weed has become popular in the past few years, due to portability, convenience, and countless health benefit claims. The vape brand Dosist was voted one of Time Magazine’s Top 25 inventions of 2016, and for good reason. These are not your average vapes. Dosist comes in six different formulas ranging from bliss, to calm, to passion. The vapes vibrate when you’ve received a 2.25mg dose, making consumers more conscious of their consumption.

Edibles are also popular on the market, especially for people who don’t want to inhale smoke but still want the benefits of the plant. Cheeba Chews have options that come in the form of indica, sativa, and hybrid. This allows consumers to control their dosing and to customize the way they want to feel.

Topicals are great for pain relief and sleep. Whoopi and Maya created an entire cannabis line that is female-focused. The rub that they make is specifically designed to help relieve pain from menstrual cramps, although men have been known to purchase this product too to help with muscle aches and tension.

Feel like taking a medicated bath? No problem! Kush Queen CBD and THC bath bombs, sold at dispensaries throughout California, are another way to get the benefits of the plant without actually smoking it. Just drop it in the bath, sit back, and relax as you enjoy the soak.

With knowledge comes power. Luckily, budtenders get the opportunity to try a lot of what they recommend, so they know firsthand how it works. The more you know about your personal cannabis use, the more you can find what products and methods are best for you. It takes time, but the more you pay attention to what brands and strains you like, the more info you’ll be able to relay to your budtender. They’ll handle it from there.

Is There A New Kind Of Mile High Club?

Written by



Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) released its policy on traveling with cannabis and it’s a little…cloudy.

As cannabis remains in this weird limbo between state and federal law, places like the LAX are enforcing state law to cover their own ass, but don’t get it twisted: This does not mean you can pull up to the airport and walk through security like Snoop Dogg (although that would be dope). According to the airport’s official site, “In accordance with Proposition 64, the Los Angeles Airport Police Department will allow passengers to travel through LAX with up to 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of concentrated marijuana. However, passengers should be aware that marijuana laws vary state by state and they are encouraged to check the laws of the states in which they plan to travel.”

So what the heck does that really mean? Prop 64 allows you to possess a certain amount of the drug as a recreational or medical user. Private property owners can decide whether or not they will allow you to bring cannabis onto their premises, which is similar to a restaurant policy. Are cannabis users at risk if we decide to travel with our medicine? We can’t forget that just this year our very own Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, doesn’t think good people smoke weed, but with all due respect Sesh, you can go fuck yourself. Half the country is getting high and the other half is watching us (while secretly getting high). That said, cannabis users should be able to travel with our medicine without fear.

It’s kind of like being pulled over on the road: are you going to get a friendly officer or one that hates life?

We’ve all heard stories of friends of friends traveling with ounces and never getting caught. A buddy recently told me that he traveled through the LAX and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) even went through his bag right in front of him—even joking about the potent smell—and let him go on his merry way. Then again, there are reality shows like Locked Up Abroad that feature people being caught commuting to other countries with illegal substances that capture what a horrifying experience it is. As soon as I posted LAX’s view on this on social media, I had friends warning me about being arrested in certain parts of the country. My response: Let’s be real, if law enforcement is using taxpayers’ money on cannabis dogs, then they aren’t taking crime seriously.

Since most people don’t just chill at LAX, this means you can basically travel through the airport, but once you hit security you are out of their jurisdiction. Now you are dealing with TSA—which is under the Department of Homeland Security and under federal rule. According to TSA’s website, “TSA security officers do not search for marijuana or other illegal drugs, but in the event, a substance that appears to be marijuana or a cannabis-infused product is observed during security screening, TSA will refer the matter to a law enforcement officer.” It’s kind of like being pulled over on the road: are you going to get a friendly officer or one that hates life? The policy of the agency doesn’t change, but it’s up to the officer’s discretion.

People might misinterpret this as LAX allowing users to travel with cannabis so I asked my lawyer friend Alexa Steinberg, Esq. of Manzuri Law, a prominent cannabis attorney, to clarify what’s allowed and what isn’t. For one, cannabis laws still vary drastically from cigarettes, meaning you’re not legally allowed to indulge in a bit of indica in designated smoking areas. “The statement released says nothing about consumption. In fact, Prop 64 does not allow for consumption in public.” Steinberg explains. “[You] can’t walk down the street smoking marijuana the same way you can’t walk down the street drinking a margarita.”

Basically, Steinberg’s point is that while attitudes about cannabis are constantly changing, despite these new rules, you could be putting yourself legally at risk. As long as federal law rules against cannabis consumption, legal states must abide by regulations at the same time as they bend to acknowledge a state’s loosened boundaries. In 2016, cannabis-related arrests outnumbered violent crimes according to the New York Times. Still, more changes are happening on the west coast. For example, in Seattle, Washington judges recently voted to vacate prior cannabis convictions for those charged between the years of 1996-2010 which widely affected people of color. Over half of these cases, 46 percent to be exact, involved Black people. The charges will be cleared in November and is another step in the right direction for the war on drugs—and hopefully, the rest of the country will take notice or be left behind in the legalization movement.

And at McCarran International in Las Vegas, they now have leftover cannabis bins installed so people can dispose of their unsmoked cannabis before they go through security. “Although both medical and recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada, it’s still illegal on the federal level, and therefore, illegal to bring along with you on a plane. So to help travelers dispose of their weed before heading out of Sin City, there are large green bins—called amnesty boxes—set up outside”, Newsweek reports.

But before you think about bringing that ounce of weed through the airport, ask yourself if it’s worth the risk. If you are traveling to other legal states, it’s better to just purchase when you arrive. Until federal legalization passes, you are still breaking federal law once you get past airport security. Odds are, they aren’t trying to ruin your life or make an example out of you, but you just never know. You could end up with the TSA officer who worships Jeff Sessions or one who truly doesn’t give a fuck that you’re trying to get your Grandma, who has colon cancer, high when you get to Boca Raton, Florida.

For now, I’ll stick to getting stoned at home, before I get to the airport.

Comedian Rachel Wolfson discusses her decision to abstain from saying “I do”

Playboy Magazine, 2018

The last of my childhood friends just got married. I was never the person that daydreamed about my fairytale wedding, I fantasized about my career because ya know, your career will never wake up in the morning and tell you it doesn’t love you anymore. As someone who was born and raised in a town like Las Vegas—where they treat weddings with the same sanctity as a McDonalds drive-thru Big Mac—I never understood the obsession with getting married. Now, I’m 31, unmarried and still in pursuit of my own American Dream.

I grew up watching princesses find their prince charmings and before the credits roll, a voice remarks “And They Live Happily Ever After”—presumably that’s the end of the story. What this concept of marketing and marriage, messaged to us from a very young (maybe too young?) age, is that marriage is not the biggest challenge, staying married is the true test. Man and woman are instructed to grow up, get married and start a family. The Bible even mentions marriage multiple times, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24, NKJV)” If it’s in the Bible, then it must be legitimate..right?

But then why now is marriage at its lowest historical rate? According to Pew Research, “Adults are marrying later in life, and the shares of adults cohabiting and raising children outside of marriage have increased significantly. The median age at first marriage is now 27 for women and 29 for men, up from 20 for women and 23 for men in 1960.” Perhaps this is because the American Dream—the ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity via hustle—has changed drastically. One hundred years ago, America looked different and so did the opportunities. Many of our grandparents have “rags to riches” stories that tell the tale of their struggle to their ultimate success. This isn’t the case anymore because so many of us are born into debt or are coming out of college in a financial crisis. In 2018, over 44 million Americans have student loans and Millennials between the ages of 25 and 34 have an average of $42,000 in debt each, if that isn’t a boner killer, I don’t know what is.

Our parents did not have access to Tinder, Bumble and Grindr to satisfy their sexual appetites, but can you imagine the stories they would tell us if they did?

Gender roles, expectations, and attitudes towards matrimony have also been forced to change. Millennials work just as hard as Baby Boomers—if not more—but we are paid significantly less, so why even try right? Who wants to marry someone financially unstable? I don’t even want to fuck someone who doesn’t have their shit together (or can’t afford a nice meal at Chipotle). Becoming financially independent has become more of a priority for our generation and, according to Psychology Today, financial disagreements are the number one reason for couples counseling and ultimately divorce.

And even if millennials still want to get married, we’re delaying marriage longer than ever before. Growing up, I witnessed many of my friend’s parents get divorced and it turned me off—and, I think, my friends off—to the concept of marriage. Over half of millennials remain unmarried or without kids according to 2016’s Gallup poll. In the 1950s, however, a family of four could survive off a working father’s salary while the mother stayed at home full time. Now that’s pretty much impossible…unless Dad is Jeff Bezos.

Dating apps have also changed the way we view relationships and connections. Our parents did not have access to Tinder, Bumble, and Grindr to satisfy their sexual appetites, but can you imagine the stories they would tell us if they did? This is what future generations have to look forward to; our online dating escapades. As millennials, many of us still had the inarguable expectation (from our parents) to go to college, find a good job, settle down, and get married just as the generations before us had done. Millennials were in the middle of college during the 2008 housing market crash that led to a major collapse of our economy and finding a stable job became the number one priority. The only problem was, there weren’t many jobs available that provided a steady income to afford the cost of living. Financial instability due to student debt is a major contributor to marriage decline.

Millennials still desire to get married. I wouldn’t even mind settling down someday and eventually getting knocked up and pumping out a baby or three, but it might not happen until later on in life. In fact, the reason people are postponing nuptials today is that they genuinely care about the concept of marriage and don’t want to screw it up. Andrew Cherlin, a sociologist at Johns Hopkins, calls these “capstone marriages.”

“The capstone is the last brick you put in place to build an arch,” Dr. Cherlin said. “Marriage used to be the first step into adulthood. Now it is often the last. (Cherlin, 2018 as cited in NY Times) It will be interesting to see how these new trends will affect marketing marriage to future generations. I’m not getting married in 2018 because i’m simply not ready, maybe I won’t ever be, and that’s ok too.

If you are an unmarried millennial, just know you aren’t alone, and it’s most likely not because of you—unless, of course, it is.